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INA's (Initial needs assessment)

Case Management - complex and catastrophic injury

Nationwide - 

providing case management throughout the UK

Funding options - for early intervention 

Psychological assessment and treatment


Prior to the assessment, your case manager will speak to you to arrange an appointment that is convenient for you and answer any questions you may have. The case manager will then visit you at your home at the arranged time.
Your case manager is an advocate on your behalf and will be of a health professional background, either a nurse, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, psychologist or speech and language therapist, and they will adhere to all the standards expected of not only their respective practice but of Birchwood & Co Case Management’s exceptional standards. We will treat you with dignity and respect. 
The aim of the assessment is to provide the case manager with information on life before your accident, how your injury affects you and how things have changed since your injury. 

The case manager will look at how your injuries have affected your day-to-day tasks, any treatment you have or are having, your daily social activities, family life, any support you receive and your employment.

After the assessment, the case manager will use this information to write a concise report with goals and recommendations. The report will then be provided to your solicitor and/or the insurer. 

Therapy Session

Specialist areas


Spinal Cord Injury

TBI (Traumatic Brain injury)

Complex Orthopaedic/Poly Trauma

Cerebral Palsy



MSK (Musculoskeletal)

Case studies

Traumatic brain injuries and cerebral palsy case management
Birchwood and Co Case Management

CQC Regulated Case Management Company

Nationwide adult and children's assessments, case management, and rehabilitation for brain injury, spinal cord injury and complex injury. 

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