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Independent assessments, case management and rehabilitation for complex and catastrophic injury in adults across the UK

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At Birchwood & Co Case Management, we are SMART, goal-led and evidence-based with our recommendations. Our goal is to support clients to achieve as much recovery and independence as possible post-accident through rehabilitation. Our case managers work in an (MDT) multidisciplinary team and to a high standard so you have the best opportunity to achieve these goals. 

We have the experience and knowledge to understand the complex nature of traumatic injuries and what recommendations are required to ensure complete support is provided, which not only supports the client but can reduce long-term rehabilitation costs. 

We provide support and rehabilitation to enable clients to regain as much of their mental, cognitive and physical function as possible post-accident and help them to improve and lead independent lives after a traumatic event.
Case 1
Amputee following a workplace incident

Client A was injured in work, resulting in the amputation of a hand and resulting in temporary loss of employment. The case manager provided support through liaison with NHS services, prothesis fitting via Dorset Orthopaedics, private occupational therapy, driving assessment, psychological support and vocational support, liaising with the client’s employer and occupational health team and enabling the client to successfully return to work. 

Case 2 
Complex orthopaedic injuries following a road traffic accident

Client B was involved in a road traffic accident. The client was a professional Olympic athlete, so therefore their injuries prevented any participation in training and sporting competitions. Due to the case manager’s experience and knowledge they were able to source appropriate treatment by an expert rehabilitation consultant, podiatrist, sporting psychologist and rehabilitation team to ensure the client was able to return to competition.  

Case 3
Spinal injury following a motorcycle accident

Client C was wheelchair dependent following a high-level spinal injury. The case manager liaised with a neurological rehabilitation unit, NHS CCG and NHS services to ensure the client received the appropriate support. The case manager also sourced a care package, property adaptations, private occupational/neuro-physiotherapy therapy rehabilitation, equipment and adaptations, and an adaptive vehicle, helping to support the client to progress in their independence. 

Case 4
Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) 7-years old.

Client D was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The case manager provided support in direct recruitment of support workers, managing a large care package, dealing with statuary services, ECHP and school support, neuro-psychological, brain injury specialist occupational therapy and neurophysiotherapy rehabilitation. Supporting both the client and their family to provide a fulfilling life as possible for the client. 

Case 5

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).


The client was diagnosed with a TBI, psychological and orthopaedic injuries following a serious road traffic accident. Client E was involved in a vehicle head-on collision and required a lengthy stay in hospital. The case manager sourced private consultants, neuro-psychological support, neuro-occupational therapy rehabilitation, neuro-physiotherapy and a small care package enabling the client to regain both mobility, function and improve their independence.

case management catastrophic injury and brain injuries

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Spinal Cord Injury

TBI (Traumatic Brain injury)

Complex Orthopaedic/Poly Trauma

Cerebral Palsy



MSK (Musculoskeletal)

Case studies

Traumatic brain injuries and cerebral palsy case management
Birchwood and Co Case Management

CQC Regulated Case Management Company

Nationwide adult and children's assessments, case management arehabilitation for brain injury, spinal cord injury and complex injury. 

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